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We motivate and inspire people to care for their minds, body, and spirit. Provide a voice for the disabled and be able to use our voice to help people navigate and apply spiritual principles in this universe.




About The Author:

 Denise Gray is a wife, mother of 3, Author, Motivational Speaker, a Church Leader and host on a Global Platform reaching audiences in the US, UK, European Countries and South Asia mainly India. 

A prayerline host representing South America, Central America, and the Caribbean and occasionally supports Europe and European Countries. 

 Other credentials of Expertise, are Transformational coach, bookkeeper, and insurance agent with 40-plus years of experience. Denise started in radio broadcasting at the early age of sixteen and has since moved to conferences as a speaker and host. She has worked with teenagers, youth ministry, young adults, and women's ministry.

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 Denise Gray 

It was indeed a blessing and our pleasure to have you in the GPN 40 Days FP season 6. We would like to thank you and appreciate your faithful service, time, efforts and hard work towards this Fasting prayer . We wish and pray that our Lord would bless you abundantly and you would be a blessing to many more.

Thank You 

-GPN TeamIts 

Our pleasure sister, we need more of people like you to serve God with Whole heart..Spirit filled leading... Big God bless you sis Amen.. good to have u sis.. God Anointed you in special way to use u Mightly.

- Global Prayer Network 

   Dorathy M

Event Manager

Denise you must consider writing. Put these gems together so the rest of the body can benefit. Or maybe you can start a blog or podcast since you do the MC in so well you have the voice for it. 3minute Gems from the Lord on a daily basis.

- Jacqueline L

Author of "I'M Alive!"

Yes, the post I made was what I gleaned from the sermon! I was blessed.

- Jacqueline L

Author of "I'M Alive!"

The book is a good companion for a senior citizen like me. I liked the fact that it encourages you to join senior citizen groups and programs. It provides information where to find agencies and organizations you can look for help. I found it helpful especially having questions you can ask your doctor about a particular diagnosis or ailment you may have. Recently I have joined a seniors group and the exercise class was good but I do not know how to do them at home so I looked in this book and saw similar simple examples I can do at home. Overall 'Wellness Help for Seniors & The Elderly' is really geared to help us live a long and healthy life.

-Deanna Byass

Good morning Denise... pray you and the family is doing well. I want you to know that I am reading Spiritual Awakening/Unleashing the Prayer... I am truly enjoying the message. ❤☝🏾👏🏾☝🏾

_ Jonette Bolding

Hello Denise. The book is informative, motivating, inspiring, interesting, encouraging, uplifting, comforting, caring, and loving to your readers. That's how I feel about it. I hope others readers will feel the same way as I. Congratulations!  I pray that you will be successful in your endeavors. That your business will prosper and be a blessing to everyone that purchases your books and your other items. Keep up the good work Praise be to God 🙏 Amen!

_ Hillon Van-Tull

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