To help with Seasonal Depression eating a diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nonfat dairy products is recommended. Watching calories to prevent weight gain. Limiting alcohol, and cutting back on foods high in salt, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, and added sugar. 

A healthy diet is a one that maintains or improves overall health. A healthy diet supply the body with much needed nutrition: fluid, macronutrients such as protein, micronutrients such as vitamins, and lots of  fibre and food energy.  

Maintain a healthy body weight. ...

Eat at least five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables each day. ...

Reduce the amount of sugar you eat and drink. ...

Eat moderate amounts of healthy fats and limit unhealthy fats. ...

Get 30 minutes of physical activity every day. ...

Manage your stress.

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             SKIN CARE

“Feed” Your Skin Antioxidants for a Glowing Complexion


The benefits of antioxidant-rich foods – for inside and out health – cannot be overstressed. That is true even when it comes to obtaining a healthier complexion that glows, as this article attests. Citing advice from professionals in the field of nutrition, included is a guide that contains three common antioxidant nutrients as well as the best sources.




Although there is no conclusive proof that antioxidants keep skin from aging, experts do agree they could ‘capture’ free radicals and may protect us from certain diseases. Antioxidant-rich foods can also give us a healthier, glowing complexion.


Quoted by Kleiner According to Susan M. Kleiner, R.D., Ph.D., a Seattle-based nutritionist, eating foods rich in antioxidants is best. “There’s no substitute for getting nutrients through food. The body absorbs and assimilates them far better than in supplement form.”


 Quoted by Kleiner suggests following the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Guide Pyramid and eating three to five servings of vegetables and two to four servings of fruit each day. Choose at least one citrus fruit, such as an orange, a tangerine, or a grapefruit, for vitamin C. To increase beta-carotene intake, eat at least two orange-yellow or leafy green vegetables each day.



Eating healthy equals younger-looking skin. Drinking a cup of orange juice and eating one raw carrot provides twice the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of vitamin C and beta-carotene. The RDA for vitamin E is harder to meet, especially for those on a low-fat diet.


quote by  Kleiner “Don’t be afraid to add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil to your diet, or to eat some nuts or seeds,” advises Dr. Kleiner.


The following guidelines can be used for RDAs for three of the most common antioxidant nutrients, vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene; good sources and how best to maximize the benefits of each are included.


Vitamin C:  RDA at least 60 mg. (1/2 cup orange juice = 70 mg.)  Citrus fruit juices and tomatoes are good sources of vitamin C. Eat whole fruit for extra fiber. Avoid juice in glass containers, and heat-pasteurized juice. Light and heat destroy some of the vitamin C.


Vitamin E:  RDA 8 mg for women / 10 mg. for men (1 tablespoon of canola oil = 9 mg.)  Good sources include nuts, seeds and their oils, fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, halibut, and trout, and wheat germ. Use canola, olive, or another vegetable oil in place of butter or margarine when cooking.


Beta-carotene:  no established RDA. Expert Dr. Kleiner, however, recommends 5-6 mg. (One carrot = 12 mg.)  Orange and yellow vegetables, and leafy green vegetables, including broccoli, are all good sources. Instead of potato chips or popcorn for an evening snack while watching television, opt for prepackaged, washed, and peeled baby carrots.


If you feel you are unable to meet the RDAs through diet, alone take an all-in-one antioxidant vitamin supplement a day but continue to pay attention to rich food sources.


Because many over-the-counter cosmetics containing antioxidants don’t have enough to be totally effective by themselves, it is best to ‘feed’ them to your skin in combination with a healthy, antioxidant-rich diet for younger-looking skin.



 🍊 Beautiful Superfruit Gummy - Natural Citrus Flavor 🍊

Unleash your inner radiance and elevate your well-being with This  Beautiful Superfruit Gummy. If you're searching for the perfect blend of nature and science in a delicious package, you've found it.

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Matcha Powder: Elevate Your Day with Our Premium Matcha Green Tea Powder: The Ultimate Superfood 

Introduction: Discover the Magic of Matcha

 In a world where health and wellness take center stage, one superfood captures hearts and taste buds– Matcha Green Tea Powder. A versatile powerhouse packed with antioxidants and potential health benefits; our Matcha Powder is the secret to a vibrant lifestyle. Let's delve into the world of Matcha and unveil how this vibrant green elixir can transform your daily routine.

 Antioxidant-Rich Goodness: Unlock the Magic of Matcha

 When it comes to antioxidants, Matcha reigns supreme. Just one cup of our Matcha Powder delivers an antioxidant punch equivalent to 10 cups of regular green tea. With its vibrant green hue, Matcha signifies a concentrated source of beneficial compounds that help combat oxidative stress and promote overall well-being. Say hello to a refreshed, revitalized you!

 Fuel Your Metabolism: Embrace the Power of Matcha

 Seeking a natural way to boost your metabolism? Look no further than our Matcha Green Tea Powder. Packed with metabolism-revving potential, Matcha can provide the support you need to maintain a healthy weight and feel your best. Incorporate it into your daily routine and witness the transformation from within.

 Unleash Your Culinary Creativity: Matcha Beyond the Mug

 But Matcha isn't just for sipping – it's a culinary superstar too! Elevate your culinary creations with a dash of our Matcha Powder. From energizing smoothies and homemade energy bars to delectable baked goods, our Matcha Powder adds a vibrant twist to your favorite recipes. It's not just a superfood; it's a culinary canvas waiting to be explored.

 A Morning Boost, An Afternoon Delight: The Perfect Matcha Latte

 Need a morning pick-me-up or a soothing afternoon ritual? Say hello to the ultimate Matcha Latte. Combine 1 teaspoon of our Matcha Powder with 2 tablespoons of velvety Coconut Milk Powder and your preferred sweetener. Add it to 1 cup of hot water, mix, and watch the magic unfold. With this creamy concoction in hand, you're ready to conquer any day that comes your way.

 The Power of Caffeine: Energize Your Day

 While Matcha shares the rejuvenating benefits of green tea, its caffeine content sets it apart. With approximately 70 milligrams of caffeine per serving, Matcha provides a gentle yet effective energy boost to fuel your tasks without the jitters. Say goodbye to caffeine crashes and hello to sustained vitality.

 Specifications: Perfectly Packaged for Your Convenience

 Weight: 100g

Serving Size: 1 teaspoon

Servings per Container: 50

 Diverse Delights: Matcha for Every Occasion

 Beyond its incredible health benefits and versatility, our Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder opens the door to a world of culinary creativity. Crafted with care and precision, our Matcha Powder is not only allergen-free but also serves as the foundation for a range of delectable recipes. Whether you're sipping a soothing cup of matcha or incorporating it into your favorite treats, we've got you covered.

 Simple Enjoyment: The Matcha Elixir

 Preparing a cup of matcha couldn't be easier. Simply mix one serving of our Matcha Powder with a cup of hot water to enjoy a serene and comforting tea. The rich earthy flavor and vibrant green hue will instantly transport you to a state of calm and vitality. Elevate your daily routine with a sip of nature's finest.

 Culinary Adventures: Unleash Your Imagination

 But the journey doesn't stop at tea. Our Matcha Powder transforms your culinary creations into works of art. Delve into our recipes and discover the culinary wonders that await.

 Vanilla Matcha Protein Shake: Energize your workouts and recharge your day with this invigorating shake. Blending the creaminess of vanilla protein powder with the robustness of matcha, this shake is a testament to balanced flavors and wholesome nourishment. With a dash of maple syrup and a hint of vanilla extract, it's a journey for your taste buds and well-being.

 Vegan Matcha Ice Cream: Indulgence meets nourishment in this velvety treat. Coconut milk, almond milk, and our Matcha Powder combine to create a symphony of flavor and texture. Free from dairy and refined sugars, this ice cream is a guilt-free delight that embraces your sweet tooth while keeping your health in check.

 Matcha Crepes: Elevate your breakfast or brunch with these delicate crepes infused with the goodness of matcha. Light, airy, and beautifully green, these crepes are a canvas for sweet and savory creations. Whether adorned with fresh fruits and a drizzle of honey or filled with your favorite vegetables and a sprinkle of cheese, the possibilities are endless.

 Conclusion: A Matcha Journey Awaits

 From your morning cup to culinary creations, our Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder is your partner in well-being and exploration. With its allergen-free nature, it caters to various dietary preferences and opens doors to a world of flavors. Whether you're seeking tranquility or embarking on a culinary adventure, our Matcha Powder is here to accompany you every step of the way. Elevate your lifestyle, embrace the magic of matcha, and let your journey unfold, one delightful sip and bite at a time.


Good Fats VS Harmful Fats

 Numerous sources of information will tell you that fats are potentially harmful elements of your diet. While this is true in general, it does not imply that fats are not valuable from a nutritional point of view. In fact, fats are absolutely necessary for maintaining proper health. Fats are the chief form of energy stored in the body. During times of unavailability of food, the fats stored in the body provide energy to prevent starvation. 


There is a good scientific reason behind why fats, and not carbohydrates, remain the chief form of stored energy in the body. The body cannot store glycogen (the dominant form of the body's carbohydrates) in great amounts because glycogen holds a great deal of water and is very bulky. Fats, on the other hand, can be packed tightly together without water. They can store much more energy than glycogen in a small space.


Foods rich in fats are valuable in many situations.  One gram of fat (or oil) provides twice as many calories as obtained from one gram of carbohydrates. People doing hard physical labor and those traveling in cold climates require ample supply of fats to provide energy in the form of heat. Fatty foods usually carry tempting aromas and flavors that cause you to eat these foods in excess, getting unneeded calories.


How do you know when to stop eating? Well, there are certain fats in the food that slow digestion and give the brain a signal to stop eating. That is why fatty foods give a fuller feeling of satisfaction.  


The vital organs of the body are surrounded by and cushioned in fat pads that function as shock absorbers. Also, the layer of fat beneath the skin prevents the body from extremes of temperature conditions. Fats also dissolve some essential nutrients like vitamins A, D, E, and K.


Without some fat in our diet, we cannot survive. The fear of eating too much fat and gaining weight is often associated with anorexia and other eating disorders, but fat, in moderate amounts, is actually healthy for your body. Look for fats that are good for your body, such as those found in olive oil, and reduce the fats that are bad for your body, such as the ones found in fast food. Remember to eat a small amount of good fats every day so that you can maintain good health. 

However, some people have trouble controlling their fat intake and as a result, retain excess fat after a meal. I am not a Doctor and I am not able to offer medical advice but here is my suggestion:

 Morning Fat Burner Gummies: Ignite Your Fat-Burning Fire! 


Are you ready to embark on a journey to shed that stubborn fat and unveil your ultimate self? These Morning Fat Burner Gummies are the fiery kickstart you need. Packed with nature's potent ingredients, these gummies are your secret weapon, working in harmony with your diet and exercise plan to help you reach your fitness goals.

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 Delicious Natural Apple Flavor

The gummies are not just about the benefits; they're a delight for your taste buds. Enjoy the mouthwatering taste of natural apple flavor while on your journey to a healthier you.

These gummies may be small, but they are mighty in the world of fat-burning. Say goodbye to stubborn fat and hello to a more confident you.


In conclusion, whether you are on the side of good fats or working on harmful fats we are here to support you on your journey. Please seek your physician for your medical advice.   My goal is to support you on your wellness journey.  Be Healthy, Wealthy, and Thrive 

Elderberry: Maximum strength formula to support your immune health more than ever. This gummy is packed with a powerhouse of Sambucus Elderberry, Vitamin C, and Zinc to support you during the cold and flu season.

Just when you thought elderberry was good enough, we’re steppin’ it up in a dash of Zinc and Vitamin C to give you the strongest immunity power you can possibly get.

This is a maximum-strength formula with Vitamin C, Zinc, and maximum-strength Sambucus Elderberry — known for its high levels of phenolic acids, flavonols,  and anthocyanins, which may help support your body daily. Regularly using this little treasure of nature may help strengthen your immune system for whatever comes your way.
Elderberry: Maximum strength formula to keep your immune health stronger than ever. This gummy is packed with a powerhouse of Sambucus Elderberry, Vitamin C, and Zinc to keep your health in check and fight off all those germs that come to attack.

✓ Immune Support

✓ Enhanced with Vitamin C and Zinc

✓ 100mg Elderberry per serving

✓ Benefits Overall Health

✓ Vegan

Supergreen Lean Sip Drink Mix Green Apple Flavor

Get a daily dose of greens and transform your nutritional routine! We all know how hard it is to get all the vitamins and minerals we need daily. When you're short on time to prep those baggies of veggies, all you have to do is mix and sip to supplement your daily greens and jump on the trend.

Naturally delicious, this blend is a punch of antioxidants with organic alfalfa, organic wheatgrass, organic spirulina plus other potent greens and boosters. It doesn't just taste amazing, it also helps detox your gut, boost your digestive system, and power up your body's natural immune responses.* It’s an amazing way to kick-start your morning. Add it to your smoothie, or sip it solo.

Clean Support: Supergreens are a great way to deliver all of the vitamins and minerals your body craves in a great-tasting powder form. Our blend can help hydrate and reinvigorate your body, supporting your energy levels and immune system. Get your daily dose of nutrient-rich greens and probiotics with an easy on-the-go drink.*

Delicious Flavor: You shouldn’t have to sip greens that taste unpleasant. You should be reaping all the benefits of super greens while having it taste delicious. That’s why ours has a refreshing, Green Apple flavor to make your Supergreens moments something you look forward to!*

Digestive Support: As if our Supergreens weren’t enough, we've packed an extra punch with 28 billion probiotics to deliver you digestive support! Now you can feed your gut what it needs to absorb all of the nutrients, too!*

Convenience: Let's be real. You're busy. But we still want you to get all the benefits minus the hassle of juicing. That's why you can simply mix one serving of our Supergreens powder into a bottle of water, shake, and run out the door, while still giving your body the nutrients it needs!*


Mix 1 scoop with 8 oz of water, juice, or daily smoothie. Take in the morning to jump-start your day or whenever you're feeling hungry!

✓ Supports Gut Health*
✓ 28 Billion Probiotics*
✓ Immunity + Energy Support*
✓ Vegan + Organic Juice Powder*

Vegan Non-GMO No Artificial Dyes | No Artificial Sweeteners

Electro-Lighter Hydration + Caffeine Drink Sticks, Lemon

 Are you tired of dragging yourself through the day, wishing for a natural boost to conquer your to-do list? Look no further! Our Electro-Lighter Hydration + Caffeine Drink Sticks in zesty Lemon flavor are here to transform your daily routine. Packed with essential nutrients and a punch of caffeine, these convenient packets are designed to give you the energy and focus you need to seize the day. Let's dive into the amazing benefits that this little orange packet has to offer.

 Feel Rejuvenated with Vitamin C Burst:

 Need a quick dose of Vitamin C to bolster your immune system and enhance your overall well-being? Our Electro-Lighter Hydration + Caffeine Drink Sticks deliver a blast of 100% Daily Value (DV) of Vitamin C in every serving. Vitamin C is a powerhouse antioxidant known for its ability to strengthen your immune defenses, combat fatigue, and promote healthy skin. Say goodbye to sluggish days and hello to a revitalized you!

 Unleash Your Energy with B Vitamin Boost:

 Banish the midday slump and keep your energy levels soaring with our B Vitamin-enriched drink sticks. B Vitamins are crucial in converting food into energy, making them essential for maintaining vitality throughout the day. With each sip, you're giving your body the fuel to power through tasks, workouts, and challenges. Embrace sustained energy without the jitters – that's the Electro-Lighter way!

 Low Calories, High Impact:

 Watching your calorie intake? You're in luck! Our Electro-Lighter Hydration + Caffeine Drink Sticks boast just 10 calories per serving. Say goodbye to sugary, high-calorie beverages that leave you bloated and unsatisfied. With our drink sticks, you get a delicious and guilt-free way to stay hydrated and energized.

 100 MG of Caffeine for Unstoppable Focus:

 Sometimes, you only need a gentle caffeine kick to enhance your focus and concentration. Each packet contains 100 milligrams of caffeine – the perfect amount to help you power through tasks without the jitters or crashes associated with excessive caffeine consumption. Whether you're tackling a work project, hitting the gym, or simply need a mental boost, our Electro-Lighter Hydration + Caffeine Drink Sticks have you covered.

 Your Go-To Hydration Solution:

 Staying hydrated has never been this enjoyable! Our Electro-Lighter Hydration + Caffeine Drink Sticks dissolve effortlessly in water, creating a refreshing and invigorating beverage. Infused with natural Lemon flavor, they offer a delightful citrusy twist that will keep you coming back for more.

 Conclusion: Elevate Your Day with Electro-Lighter Hydration + Caffeine Drink Sticks - Lemon Flavor

 Say goodbye to sluggish mornings and lackluster afternoons. With Electro-Lighter Hydration + Caffeine Drink Sticks in Lemon flavor, you can embrace a new level of energy, focus, and vitality. Packed with 100% DV of Vitamin C, and B Vitamin goodness, and just 10 calories per serving, these drink sticks are your secret weapon for conquering the day with zeal. Whether you're seeking a productivity boost, enhanced focus, or a healthier hydration option, Electro-Lighter has your back. Experience the transformation – try our Lemon flavor drink sticks today and elevate your daily routine to new heights!

✓ 100% DV Vitamin C

✓ B Vitamin Boost

✓ 10 Calories

✓ 100 MG Caffeine

✓ Convenient Single Servings

✓ No Artificial Colors

✓ Vegan Friendly

✓ Non-GMO

Elevate Your Day with Electro-Lighter Peach Hydration + Caffeine Stick Packs - Fresh Peach Flavor

 Are you ready to infuse your routine with a burst of energy and a splash of delightful flavor? Look no further than our Electro-Lighter Peach Hydration + Caffeine Stick Packs in the luscious Fresh Peach flavor. These convenient little packets are your ticket to an invigorated day, offering a powerful combination of Vitamin C and caffeine to supercharge your productivity. Let's dive into the remarkable benefits of this orange gem and how it can help you conquer your day with zest.

 Revitalize with a Vitamin C Boost:

 Searching for a natural way to boost your immune system and elevate your overall vitality? Our Electro-Lighter Peach Hydration + Caffeine Stick Packs provide an explosive dose of 100% Daily Value (DV) of Vitamin C in each serving. Vitamin C is renowned for its antioxidant prowess, helping to fortify your immune defenses, alleviate fatigue, and promote radiant skin. Bid farewell to sluggish mornings and embrace the vibrancy that Vitamin C brings.

 Sustain Your Energy with B Vitamin Brilliance:

 Wave goodbye to the midday slump and keep your energy levels soaring with the magic of B Vitamins. Our Peach Hydration + Caffeine Stick Packs are enriched with B Vitamins that play a pivotal role in converting food into sustained energy. Say hello to the enduring vitality that powers you through your commitments, workouts, and endeavors. Unleash your potential without the jitters – that's the Electro-Lighter promise!

 10 Calories of Guilt-Free Bliss:

 Watching your caloric intake? You're in for a treat! Our Electro-Lighter Peach Hydration + Caffeine Stick Packs are a guilt-free indulgence, packing just 10 calories per serving. Say farewell to sugary, calorie-laden beverages that leave you bloated and unsatisfied. With our drink sticks, you're getting a mouthwatering, calorie-conscious way to stay refreshed and recharged.

 100 MG of Caffeine for Unstoppable Focus:

 Sometimes, a touch of caffeine is all you need to kickstart your focus and drive. Each stick pack contains 100 milligrams of caffeine – the ideal amount to elevate your alertness without the side effects of excess caffeine. Whether tackling work projects, hitting the gym, or seeking mental clarity, our Peach Hydration + Caffeine Stick Packs are your secret weapon.

 Quench Your Thirst with Flavorful Hydration:

 Staying hydrated has never been this delightful! Our Electro-Lighter Peach Hydration + Caffeine Stick Packs dissolve seamlessly in water, creating a refreshing beverage infused with the succulent taste of Fresh Peach. Say farewell to monotony and savor the natural goodness that keeps you returning for more.

 Conclusion: Seize the Day with Electro-Lighter Peach Hydration + Caffeine Stick Packs - Fresh Peach Flavor

 Wave goodbye to lackluster days and hello to a new era of boundless energy and focus. With Electro-Lighter Peach Hydration + Caffeine Stick Packs in Fresh Peach flavor, you're primed for a day of triumphs. Boasting 100% DV of Vitamin C, the brilliance of B Vitamins, and a mere 10 calories per serving, these stick packs are your ultimate sidekick for conquering life's challenges. Whether you're after sustained energy, heightened focus, or a delicious hydration fix, Electro-Lighter has your back. Transform your day – experience the Fresh Peach flavor sensation today and embark on a journey of elevated living!

 ✓ 100% DV Vitamin C

✓ B Vitamin Boost

✓ 10 Calories

✓ 100 MG Caffeine

 ✓ Convenient Single Servings

✓ No Artificial Colors

✓ Vegan Friendly

✓ Non-GMO

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